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Printed Certificates and Limited Edition Stickers

Printed Certificates and Limited Edition Stickers

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As limited edition toys, each toy will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity (numbered 1 through 4,000).  

In addition to the digital certificates for each Rain and/or Sunshine you order, we are also offering printed certificates and stickers. And each certificate and sticker will be individually signed and numbered!

We will ship the printed certificates and stickers separately, usually within 5 business days of your order shipment.


(When added as part of the bundle, we will send two certificates and stickers, one set for Rain and one set for Sunshine. For individual orders of Rain or Sunshine, we will include the certificate and sticker set for the one you order.)


We ship to US addresses via the normal order and checkout process. For orders and shipping outside the US or if you have issues with shipping selection in the checkout process, please contact us directly at

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