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It's our end of year rush!

Still looking for Christmas and holiday gifts? The Sunshine, Rain, & book bundle is a great choice.

Perfect for collectors or those seeking a unique gift, this limited edition vehicle duo promises a timeless blend of craftsmanship and playfulness. And the exclusive book with their adventure across America is wonderful accompaniment.

We made only 4,000 of each vehicle and won't be producing them again.

We've got to make room to introduce new Nylint models in 2024!

Get your bundle before inventory runs out - and we're pricing it so you save big.

Buy Now - $59.99 for all three!

*Free shipping on orders of at least $50 (USD) - applies to shipping charge of less than $30.

If you are ordering multiple sets or if your shipping charge exceeds $30, e-mail us to see if you qualify for even greater savings.

Our Mission

"My grandfather Rags and his brother Barney built Nylint because they believed in treating their workers fairly, providing good-quality manufacturing jobs, and offering quality toys that were well-made, but not too expensive for ordinary, middle-class families and children to enjoy.

My long-term vision is to set a viable example with Nylint as a business that develops its workforce with the support and training they need to form the next generation of American manufacturing professionals and technical experts and creates more opportunities for them to prosper."

- Emmy Klint, granddaughter of Nylint founder, Ragnar Klint

The Next Generation
  • "High quality toy and a great value for the product you receive. A good sturdy built METAL toy like the tough toys of days past! Sure to be passed down to your grandkids."

    - Jonathan Y

  • The new Rain van is equal in quality and attractive appearance to original old Nylints from years ago… nice collector appeal with reproduction Nylint founders’ signatures and the excellent new quality box design….the paint finish is flawless and equal in quality and collector appeal even better then the Nylints of yesteryear.

    - Doug C

  • The Sunshine and Rain vehicles are beautiful renderings of their original models. Each design calls back to that yesteryear quality and playability meant to last for a lifetime.

    -Terry S