1. Are these toys made in the United States?
Sadly, no. We really tried to make these in the US but it was just not feasible for several reasons.

      1a. But why was US manufacturing not feasible?
First, since toy vehicles like this (or really any toys except some plastic and wood toy vehicles) are not usually made in the US anymore, manufacturers aren't equipped to even make all the parts that go into finally assembled and play-ready Nylint models. There is no widespread capacity in the industry to do the metalwork, especially the finishing of the metal and paintwork to make the vehicles durable and safer than even the consumer protection regulatory standards.

     1b. So is there some way to make Nylint in the US still?     
There are manufacturers who produce individual components, usually on a smaller scale basis. This means that to get the final assembled product, the various parts would have to be shipped to different facilities, increasing the cost exponentially. 

We tried to use that US-based production first because the overarching goal was (and still is) that Nylint products would be made in the US again. That is how we know that US manufacturers wouldn't even consider working with us without a $2 million plus order.

     1c.  What stopped you from doing that?
As much as we wanted to be able to find some way to do that kind of order, we are fully self-funded and we just didn't have that much to invest. We also want to continue self funding through sales, even if it takes a bit longer to get to a point where we can invest enough to utilize US manufacturers. Opening up to other investments into Nylint could put more pressure on us to lower quality standards or use the cheapest manufacturing. That is basically what happened to Nylint after the original company went bankrupt and was bought out by foreign investors - and that is exactly what we do not want to repeat.

     1d. What would it take for Nylint to be Made in America again?
If these toys sell well we can prove that people are still interested in Nylint and we can start a US-based manufacturing effort. We are looking at a variety of options that are focused on manufacturing in the US for our next products.

2. Do you have old models?
We don't, however I do know some sellers that have large collections. If you are looking for something specific please email me at emmy@nylinttoys.com and I will see if i can connect you to the right people.

3. Do you have replacement parts?
We do not. An unrelated vendor, www.nylintparts.com makes new replacement parts for past Nylint models through 3D printing.

4. Will you be bringing back the big rigs, fire trucks, roadwork equipment, etc.?
Hopefully! Right now we are focused on selling this limited edition run and building up resources to create a product in the near future that can be made in the United States. 

5. Wait, what's your relationship to Nylint?
My grandfather, Rags (Ragnar Klint) along with his brother Barney (Bernard Klint) and their uncle Dave (David Nyberg) started Nylint in the 1940s. If you're interested in a more in-depth history of the company, please take a look at our history page  Nylint History

6. When will my certificates ship?
I sign each physical certificate by hand, which takes some time. We usually ship out physical certificates once a week on Monday, and they should arrive within 3-5 business  days after being mailed. 

7. I don't see the question I want to ask and didn't find an answer to what I wanted to know  - how can I ask my question?
Contact us via the form below and we'll get back to you within a day or so at most!