What's Nylint up to? We're gonna blog about it!

What's Nylint up to? We're gonna blog about it!

It has been an incredible first month! There was a pretty long period between when we first started taking orders for Sunshine and Rain back in 2022 and had to stop until we could restart sales. Since early March when we restarted orders and shipments, the feedback you have shared has been amazing - critiques and praise alike.

We have had the pleasure to read so many of your heartfelt stories, as well as the sometimes-stinging criticisms (though less reading with pleasure on those). The critical feedback has nonetheless also been valuable.

Much of the critical feedback made it clear that I need to do a better job at sharing the history not just of Nylint and my family, but also that I should share my more recent experiences of the process to bring Nylint back to life. 

I've outlined and started writing that history - especially focusing on the process of bringing Sunshine and Rain to reality as tangible new Nylint models. So far I am looking at about 6 blog posts over the next few weeks where I am going to share all of that with you. 

Frankly, your stories and memories have helped me frame my own thoughts to focus on the factors that made Nylint special. And I can't possibly read all that you've shared with me without also sharing some behind-the-scenes details.

In the longer run, after the initial 6-ish posts that cover more or less from some of my earliest memories of Nylint in the 80s and 90s up to just before we started taking orders for Sunshine and Rain, I plan to continue posting more of the behind-the-scenes happenings with Nylint. As we work on designing the next Nylint models and work toward production, you'll get glimpses into that process here.

You might have noticed some of the "Build Your Own Road" swag (and if you haven't, please check it out!) - it's a really fitting phrase that seems like it will be the motto for Nylint and the journey we are planning for it. So I suppose the blog will be a sort of plan for what road I'm building for Nylint... and I am excited to share the journey with you!


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